Responsible Stewardship

Our Commitments

We are dedicated to being a responsible operator by prioritizing safety, supporting the communities in which we operate, and preserving the environment.


We design, construct, and operate our projects to meet and exceed safety requirements, while minimizing the collective impact during construction and ongoing operations.


We’re committed to being good stewards in the communities we build and operate in. Our collaboration with communities ensures that Midwestern families, farmers, and businesses will benefit for decades to come.


We minimize the effects of our project footprint in order to maximize the positive impact on our environment. We’re scaling ambitious, long-term solutions to help our partners achieve carbon neutrality.

Dedicated to Safety

Excavation is the single largest cause of damage to the nation’s pipeline system, accounting for nearly 40 percent of all accidental spills and product releases. You can help maintain the integrity of these critical transportation systems and prevent accidents by using the nationwide Call Before You Dig service by calling 811, which acts as a clearinghouse to inform the owners and operators of underground facilities so that they can mark their facilities, usually within two business days.

If you plan to dig or do any type of excavation or construction work, federal and state law may require you to call your local state One-Call Center. A Navigator representative will locate and mark the underground pipeline at no cost to you. The local One-Call center can be found here.

For more information about the Call-Before-You-Dig program, visit

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