Navigator CO2 and Siouxland Ethanol Execute Long-Term Agreement for the Capture, Transportation, and Storage of Siouxland Ethanol's CO2

DALLAS, March 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Navigator CO2 Ventures LLC ("Navigator") announced today that it has entered into a long-term agreement with Siouxland Ethanol LLC ("Siouxland") to provide CO2 capture, transportation and storage services on its carbon capture and storage (CCS) system, the Heartland Greenway.

The agreement between companies outlines the key terms for Navigator to design and install Siouxland's carbon capture equipment. Once installed, Navigator will capture, transport, and store up to 235,000 metric tons of Siouxland's CO2 per year, equivalent to the carbon emissions of approximately 51,000 vehicles driven annually. Start of operations is expected at the beginning of 2025.

"As one of the best-in-class ethanol biorefining operators, we are excited to be working with Siouxland on a comprehensive carbon handling solution," Navigator CEO, Matt Vining comments. "The provided services will create a day-one economic benefit to the facility and surrounding community, while abating almost 100% of Siouxland's greenhouse gas emissions. The agreements in place with Siouxland and other industrial emitters of CO2 are a testament to the broad commitment by industry to decarbonize, and we couldn't be prouder to play a role in that evolution. We look forward to the long-term partnership with Nick and his team as we continue expansion of Heartland Greenway."

Navigator continues to work with many industrial processing plants in the Midwest to adopt a more sustainable approach in the execution of their businesses and aid in the reduction of their carbon footprints through Heartland Greenway and its related carbon handling offerings.

Once fully expanded, the Heartland Greenway will be able to capture and sequester 15 million metric tons of CO2 annually, which, according to EPA estimates, is equivalent to eliminating the annual carbon footprint of the Des Moines metro area three times over.

"Siouxland Ethanol has been a leader in producing low carbon ethanol since its inception," said Nick Bowdish, President and CEO of Siouxland Ethanol. "Whether it be actively capturing methane from the neighboring landfill and using it to create process steam for the plant or installing the very first dryer exhaust energy recovery system, our company is a living example of how to provide real solutions to our transportation needs that both lower the carbon footprint and are readily available at scale today. This agreement with Navigator takes our commitment to provide clean octane and increases it exponentially."

About Navigator CO2 Ventures
Navigator CO2 Ventures is a company developed and managed by the Navigator Energy Services (Navigator) management team. The company specializes in carbon capture and storage (CCS), and the management team has safely constructed and operated over 1,000 miles of midstream infrastructure since being founded in 2012. Navigator CO2 Ventures will be hiring skilled individuals to fill new offices across the Heartland Greenway footprint in the Midwest United States, and we are committed to building and operating our projects to meet and exceed safety requirements while minimizing the collective impact on the environment, landowners, and the public during construction and ongoing operations. For more information about Navigator CO2 and the Heartland Greenway, visit our websites at: and

About Siouxland Ethanol LLC
Siouxland Ethanol, located in Jackson, Nebraska, is owned by approximately 700 local community investors. The ethanol plant commenced operations in 2007 and has doubled its production capacity over 15 years of operational growth, powered by its 41 employees. Each year, Siouxland Ethanol purchases more than 30 million bushels of locally grown corn and turns the kernels into high-octane low carbon ethanol for fuel, livestock feed, and corn oil used to make renewable biofuel.

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